2019-2020 Academic Catalog & Student Handbooks 
    Apr 16, 2024  
2019-2020 Academic Catalog & Student Handbooks [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Megginson Awards

The William A. Megginson Educational Foundation established awards in teaching, research, and service to recognize faculty and staff for their outstanding contributions to University of Mobile.

William A. Megginson Teaching Award

1986 Thomas L. Johnson Associate Professor of Business and Computer Science
1987 Nancy N. Wall Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages
1988 Elizabeth I. French Associate Professor of Biology and Music Education
1989 Elizabeth M. Flanagan Professor of Nursing
1990 Robert B. Sawyer Associate Professor of Music
1991 Kenneth Bergdolt Professor of Music
1992 Frances Garner Professor of English
1993 Dwight W. Steedley Professor of Mathematics
1994 Charles M. Clark Associate Professor of Art
1995 M. Jane Byrd Associate Professor of Accounting and Management
1996 Anne B. Lowery Associate Professor of Marketing and Business
1997 Thomas Bilbo Associate Professor of Biology
1998 Gail L. Stevens Professor of Nursing
1999 Telfair J. Mashburn III Professor of Philosophy
2000 Judith McPeak Professor of Communication
2001 Elizabeth Flanagan Professor of Nursing
2002 Tina Miller-Way Associate Professor of Biology
2003 Sergio A. Castello Associate Professor of Global Business and Economics
2004 Diann Carithers Associate Professor of Nursing
2005 Randall L. Dupont Associate Professor of Organizational Administration and Leadership
2006 T. Terry Hopper Professor of Human Performance and Exercise Science
2007 Kathy C. Dunning Chair, Department of Accounting Assistant Professor of Accounting
2008 Larry V. Turner Professor of Education
2009 J. Thomas Bevill Professor of Marriage and Family Counseling and Christian Studies
2010 Cynthia D. Biegler Professor of Education
2011 Douglas L. Mitchell Associate Professor of English
2012 Phillip T. Counselman Associate Professor of Art
2013 Debra H. Chancey Assistant Professor of Education
2014 Rebecca W. Fox Director of Piano Studies and Associate Professor of Music
2015 Sue Y. Gober Professor of Education
2016 Kenneth R. Hughes Associate Professor of Music
2017 Barbara W. Brousseau Assistant Professor of French
2018 Jamie L. O’Mally Assistant Professor of Psychology
2019 Brenda R. Chastain Assistant Professor of Education

Emma Frances Megginson Service Award

1986 Elaine Beasley Secretary, Business Office
1987 Curtis Brazell Maintenance Worker
1988 Barbara Smith Registrar
1989 Leon Pirkle Vice President for Institutional Operations
1990 Jane Hancock Secretary, Academic Affairs Office
1991 Brantley H. Parsley Director of Library
1992 Vicki Burgin Secretary, Institutional Operations
1993 Dorothy Fay Turner Assistant Director, Oakdale Children’s Center
1994 Benjamin Glover, Jr. Director for Student Services, Coordinator of Intramurals
1995 Bertha A. Coxwell Resident Counselor
1996 Carol Camp Computer Operator
1997 Fran Yarborough Secretary, College of Arts and Sciences
1998 Audrey C. Eubanks Vice President for Academic Affairs and
Secretary, School of Business
  J. B. Locke
1999 Janá Lassiter Collection Officer
2000 Jane Nall Assistant Professor of Biology
2001 Vera M. Pipkin Secretary, School of Nursing
2002 Cindy Kelly Secretary, Athletics
2003 Elaine Kyser Mailroom/Switchboard Assistant
2004 Donna K. Wilkins Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs
2005 Michael R. Blaylock Vice President for Campus Affairs
2006 Michael A. Jacobs Baseball Coach
2007 Eileen K. Gardner Assistant Registrar
2008 Cindy L. Bruns Student Relations Supervisor
2009 Cindy Godwin Administrative Assistant, College of Arts and Sciences
2010 Lisa Normand Davis Secretary Center for Performing Arts
2011 Barbara T. Greene Administrative Assistant to the President
2012 Teresa Callan Secretary School of Christian Ministries
2013 Mattie R. Easter Coordinator of Nursing Admission and Assistant Professor of Nursing
2014 Lonnie A. Burnett Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Professor of History
2015 Terri McNellage Administrative Assistant, Adult and Professional Studies
2016 Pamela S. Buchanan-Miller Director of Faculty Support and QEP
2017 Kristie H. Sanders Admissions Information Specialist
2018 Debra H. Chancey Assistant Vice President for Accreditation
2019 Jenna M. Goodwin Director of Production and Administration

Mitford Ray Megginson Research Award

1986 Charles E. Early Associate Professor of Psychology and Computer Science
1987 Dwight M. Steedley Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science
1988 Steven D. Carey Assistant Professor of Biology
1989 Telfair J. Mashburn III Associate Professor of Philosophy
1990 Jan C. Wood Associate Professor of Nursing
1991 John E. Setnicky Assistant Professor of Business
1992 Donald K. Berry Associate Professor of Religion
1993 Steven D. Carey Assistant Professor of Biology
1994 M. Jane Byrd Associate Professor of Accounting and Management and
  Leon C. Megginson J.L. Bedsole Professor of Business Studies
1995 Shirley D. Rohrer Assistant Professor of Biology
1996 Donald K. Berry Associate Professor of Religion
1997 no award  
1998 Larry Parks Assistant Professor of Mathematics
1999 Ray B. Munroe, Jr. Assistant Professor of Physics
2000 Sergio Castello Assistant Professor of Global Business and Economics
2001 no award  
2002 Robert M. Schaefer Professor of Political Science
2003 Billy Hinson Professor of History
2004 Sharon N. Vest Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems
2005 Douglas K. Wilson Assistant Professor of Christian Studies
2006 Lonnie A. Burnett Associate Professor of History
2007 no award  
2008 Pamela S. Buchanan Assistant Professor of General Studies and Director of Student Services for the Center for Adult Programs
2009 Douglas L. Mitchell Associate Professor of English
2010 Mihaela F. Buhaiciuc Assistant Professor of Music
2011 Stephen J. Schuler Assistant Professor of English
2012 Jeremiah R. Sullins Assistant Professor of Psychology
2013 Telfair J. Mashburn III Professor of Humanities
2014 Randall L. Dupont Associate Professor of Business
2015 Matthew L. Downs Assistant Professor of History
2017 Troy L. Henderson Professor of Mathematics
2018 Michael D. Robinson Assistant Professor of History
2019 Jeremy S. Padgett Assistant Professor of Communication