2016-2017 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog & Student Handbook 
    May 28, 2020  
2016-2017 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog & Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Christian Studies

Mission Of The School Of Christian Studies

The mission of the School of Christian Studies is to produce graduates who model academic excellence and professional competence blended with a passionate devotion to Christ in leading His church to its global mission.

Jesus taught His disciples to love God with heart, soul, mind, and strength.  In the School of Christian Studies (SCST), we intentionally train students to use their Heads, Hearts, and Hands for the glory of God.  Our H3 Strategy combines rigorous academic training with spiritual disciplines and experiential learning through local ministry team participation, professional internships, and international service projects.

SCST Student Learning Outcomes

The SCST offers baccalaureate majors designed to produce Intercultural Studies, Marketplace Ministry, and Theological Studies graduates who are able to demonstrate the following:

  • Competence in Bible knowledge, including its textual, historical, cultural, and geographical contexts;
  • Competence in Church history and theological knowledge, including the expansion of orthodox Christian faith internationally;
  • Competence in Faith/Learning integration, including theological training for ministry and the marketplace;
  • Competence in Written communication, oral communication, and critical thinking skills;
  • Competence in Christian ministry and leadership skills, through ministry team, internship, and international service experience; and
  • Competence in Intercultural knowledge, language acquisition, and cross-cultural service (Intercultural Studies majors).

The SCST measures student competence through a series of objective assessment tools, including materials from the American Association of Colleges & Universities, the Council of Christian Colleges & Universities, and the Association of Biblical Higher Education.

In addition, the SCST offers minors in Intercultural Studies, Social Justice, and Theological Studies.

General Requirements For All SCST Majors

SCST majors must successfully complete COM 101  to fulfill oral communication competency requirements.

All majors must successfully complete the writing intensive (WI) requirements as specified in the Scholastic Standards section of this catalog. This includes CMS 110  for all majors.  SCST majors will successfully complete CMS 301  and CMS 331  for the Theological Studies major, and CMS 303  and CMS 403  for the Intercultural Studies major.

All candidates for a bachelor’s degree offered by the SCST must successfully compose an original Senior Writing Project on an approved topic.  This component is assessed in CMS 499 .

SCST Annual Awards

The SCST annually presents the following awards to students:

  • Zondervan/University of Mobile Greek Award
  • Zondervan/University of Mobile Hebrew Award
  • Robert Greene Lee Expository Preaching Award
  • Anne Graham Lotz Expository Bible Study Award
  • Cecil Taylor Global Missions Award
  • Induction into Theta Alpha Kappa theological honor society
  • Excellence in Academics Award
  • Excellence in Ministry Award




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