2022-2023 Academic Catalog & Student Handbooks 
    Feb 04, 2023  
2022-2023 Academic Catalog & Student Handbooks

Department of Business Administration

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The purpose of the Department of Business Administration is to provide traditional students with the knowledge and capability to develop successful careers in one of three key areas of business: 1) finance, 2) management, or 3) marketing. Additionally, the department provides preparation for future graduate studies.

The Department of Business Administration offers a major in business administration with three tracks: finance, management, and marketing. Minors are also available in finance, management, and marketing within this department.

Students majoring in Business Administration must complete the University’s basic course requirements; BA 460 ; and the School of Business common professional component: AC 241 , AC 242 ; BA 151 , BA 319 , BA 336 ; BA 353 , BA 430 , BA 454 ; CIS 101 , CIS 301 ; EC 201 , EC 202 ; FI 330 ; MGT 321 , MGT 426 ; MKT 311 , and MA 211 . All majors must complete the writing intensive (WI) requirements as specified in the Scholastic Standards section of this catalog. See Course Descriptions  for courses designated as writing intensive. Course requirements for each of the three tracks in this major are discussed within each section. A minor is not required in the business administration major. Business Administration majors may take a maximum of three BBA courses to fulfill major requirements.

Students majoring in business administration who desire to obtain the Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) from University of Mobile may opt to follow the accelerated program to the MBA. This program allows for three undergraduate courses in the common professional component (BA 430 , BA 454 , and MGT 426 ) to be taken at the graduate level (BA 530 , BA 554 , and MGT 526 ), along with the remainder of the requirements of the specific track for the business administration major as explained in the following pages and the specific requirements of the MBA program as set forth in the graduate section of the catalog. Students in the accelerated program graduate with a B.S. degree in business administration (in one of the three tracks) and a Master of Business Administration degree, usually within five years.

Finance Track (FI)

Students on the finance track will be exposed to problem solving, analysis, and decision making in this field, providing for entry-level skills for employment in business firms, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations.

Management Track (MGT)

The management track seeks to develop in students the ability to think and act as executives. The program provides a broad range of knowledge and skills necessary to manage any business or organization. Students on the management track often aspire to start their own businesses, manage family businesses, or enter management training programs with major corporations upon graduation. Students are prepared for entry-level managerial positions in for-profit and not-for-profit organizations as well as in the public sector.

Marketing Track (MKT)

The marketing track provides a general preparation in strategic marketing management including understanding consumer behavior for designing and managing marketing strategy to satisfy the needs and wants of target markets through appropriate product, service, promotion, distribution, and pricing design in business, nonprofit, and public sectors.




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