2014-2015 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog & Student Handbook 
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2014-2015 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog & Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Music

Philosophy for the School of Music (Center for Performing Arts)

In keeping with the general philosophy of the University of Mobile, the School of Music (Center for Performing Arts) seeks to engage its students to embrace learning and to develop confident Christian men and women who demonstrate the integrity to live and work in a manner consistent with the Christian faith. Thus, the intent of the CPA is reflected in the phrase, “Changing Lives to Change the World.”

School of Music (Center for Performing Arts) Statement

Excellence is the goal of all performance benchmarks set for classroom instruction, applied music lessons, ensembles, recitals and corporate music events. Each student is challenged to meet or exceed faculty expectations for musical excellence as an individual act of worship, thus integrating the university’s core values―faith, learning, and leadership.


The School of Music (Center for Performing Arts) offers the following degrees:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Music
  • Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance
  • Bachelor of Science in Music (for Teacher Certification P-12)

General Information

Music study at the University of Mobile includes training in basic musicianship, specialized/professional areas of concentration, and studies in the liberal arts.

  1. The core of the program is musicianship - study in solo applied performance and in ensembles, theory, music history, and pedagogy.
  2. The specialized/professional areas include teacher training and performance.
  3. The liberal arts requirements contribute to the breadth and knowledge appropriate for the professional musician.


The music program is designed to help students develop their musical potential by preparing them for music careers in churches, schools, and communities. Its design also provides students with a foundation for postgraduate studies.


The student will demonstrate knowledge of:

  1. Theory, form and analysis, and principles of arranging.
  2. Music history, styles, and literature of Western and non-Western cultures.
  3. The relationship of music to the other arts.

The student will demonstrate the ability to:

  1. Perform at an advanced level in one applied area;
  2. Perform in a variety of primary and secondary ensembles;
  3. Play a keyboard instrument with sufficient skill for basic demonstration and simple accompaniment;
  4. Interpret representative works of the past and present and perform them with a proficiency that reflects an understanding of the historical style of the music.

Admission/Audition/Placement Exams

Students desiring admission to the School of Music (Center for Performing Arts) are encouraged to complete the University of Mobile’s application for admission. Prospective CPA majors and minors are encouraged to schedule an appointment for an audition by calling 251-442-2320 or completing an online application found at www.umobile.edu/audition. Auditions are held and placement exams are administered to determine scholarship awards and facilitate placement in theory, applied music and ensembles. Transfer students are required to take an entrance exam to determine proper placement for theory and applied music. The entrance exam must be taken prior to registration for the semester that the student first attends.

School of Music (Center for Performing Arts) Student Manual

Students are required to follow the policies and procedures outlined in the CPA Student Manual concerning the following:

  • applied instruction
  • mid-level review
  • piano proficiency exam
  • seminar/recital hour
  • junior and senior recitals
  • concert music
  • all matters related to the music program

The CPA Student Manual can be viewed on MyUM or in hard-copy form in the CPA office.

Ensembles (Primary and Secondary)

All students with a major in music are expected to register for at least one ensemble each semester in residence. The following groups are defined as primary ensembles at the University of Mobile: University Singers and Symphonic Winds. Note: (Chamber Strings/Orchestra may be substituted as a large ensemble for string students, with permission). In order for students to acquire the experience of large and small ensembles, secondary ensembles should be taken for a minimum of 4 semesters. Audits for secondary ensembles are granted, when applicable, in order to alleviate increased cost to the student beyond the block pay of 17 hours (dean’s permission required).

Primary Ensembles (large)


University Singers


Symphonic Winds
Chamber Music Ensemble (strings)

*Note: Instrumental students whose applied area is guitar or piano are expected to participate in University Singers. Secondary ensemble experience in the guitar or piano ensembles is expected, thereby giving them experience in both small and large ensembles and broadening their instrumental and vocal experiences.

Secondary Ensembles (small)

Barbershop Quartet
Chamber Singers
Exit 13 (praise band)
Guitar Ensemble
Jazz Band Young
Opera Workshop
Piano Ensemble
Sounds of Mobile
Vintage (string ensemble)
Voices of Mobile
Welsh Revival
Young Women in Harmony

Note: All music majors participate in corporate music events. This opportunity extends participatory and observation experiences with both small and large ensembles. Examples of annual corporate music events are The Christmas Spectacular, The Mobile Passion Play, Night of the Classical Masters, the Opera, Musical Theatre Productions and the Spring Finale.





Applied Music

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