2018-2019 Academic Catalog & Student Handbooks 
    Sep 18, 2021  
2018-2019 Academic Catalog & Student Handbooks [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Office for Global Engagement

The Office for Global Engagement serves as the Great Commission arm of University of Mobile.  OGE cooperates with academic and service areas of the University to engage our international students. OGE also coordinates the University’s global service initiatives, study abroad programs, international exchange opportunities, and partnerships with the international community in the Gulf Coast region. All programs through this office bear in mind that we are a Christ-centered academic community to transform the world.

Philosophy of the Office for Global Engagement

In keeping with the University’s philosophy statement, the Office for Global Engagement is committed to afford students the opportunity to develop their professional, academic, spiritual, and cultural competencies through global engagement at home and abroad. The OGE firmly believes that global education and global experience provide greater opportunities for global employment.

Mission of the Office for Global Engagement

In accordance with the University’s mission statement, the Office for Global Engagement provides opportunities by which undergraduate students may develop and renew their minds through intellectual, cultural, and spiritual training, as well as prepare themselves to work and serve others locally and globally.

Requirements for the Office for Global Engagement Programs

Students intending to travel or study abroad must be pre-approved, receive Office for Global Engagement training prior to the experience, and participate in a debrief interview following the experience. Students must also agree to adhere to all published policies & procedures for OGE programs.

Financial Aid Information regarding Office for Global Engagement Programs

Aid available to eligible Office for Global Engagement participants includes the Pell Grant, the Federal Subsidized Loan, and the Federal Unsubsidized Loan. Veterans’ benefits and the Alabama State Grant are also available for those who qualify.